The Emergency Management of Severe Burns (EMSB) course is based on the principle that timely emergency assessment, recognition, management, stabilisation and transfer provide the best chance of recovery.

The course covers the principles of the emergency management of severe burns during the first 24 hours from time of injury. The course is appropriate for all health care professionals who may find themselves involved with the initial assessment, management and stabilisation of a patient with severe burn injuries – from those working in isolated areas to members of the burn team working in a receiving Burn Service.

The EMSB course also seeks to emphasise the benefit to patients where by all emergency burn care providers have knowledge of the same guidelines for emergency burn care. This facilitates initial care, appropriate referral, communication and transfer of care. The EMSB course is delivered in five separate but complimentary sections


The aim of this course is to provide candidates with sufficient information regarding the presentation, diagnosis and initial management of the patient with severe burn injuries, toenable them to deal competently with this urgent and often life-threatening problem.


The course is appropriate for medical and nursing practitioners who might be required to provide initial management to patients with severe burn injuries eg those working anywhere in the field of burn care, anaesthesia, trauma, pre-hospital and emergency medicine as well as those working in isolated areas. 

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